Created in 1987, Siam Canadian began as a small Thai company trading food products. At the same time, Thailand’s seafood industry was revolutionized by the progress of the shrimp aquaculture. Siam Canadian’ visionary directors foresaw great opportunities in the seafood business and surfed onto the wave. Making frozen seafood its core business, the professionalism of our experts led us to the top of the seafood market.

In 1992, Siam Canadian started its international expansion with a branch in Vietnam. Soon after, Siam Canadian’s network strengthened outside the Indochina peninsula with additional offices in China, India and Indonesia. Today with 3 additional offices in Malaysia, Korea and Bangladesh, the 8 branches of Siam Canadian is gathering products from all Asia.

Finally, an International Trading Division was created in our headquarters in Bangkok to centralize the exchanges between the countries where we do not have our own branches.

From our broad network across Asian countries, we gather today a wide variety of products. Our ultimate goal of becoming the only shop our clients needed to satisfy their exigencies has finally succeeded. In one single shop, we convey any frozen seafood towards our clients. More than providing an incredible choice of seafood products with hundred of items, Siam Canadian is the reference for high quality, freshness and culinary satisfaction.

Today more than 70 countries from all continents import our products. Siam Canadian has truly becomea global marketplace with a worldwide imminent reputation whose unique rule to satisfy its clients.

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